How does innovation take shape?
Quest turns the spark in your mind into an idea via a 3-dimensional drawing.
What information do I need to provide to obtain a quotation?
Quest needs the following information to generate a Quotation:
  • Drawings of product, either 2D or a 3D CAD model.
  • Annual volume of parts required - How many parts are required per year?
  • Material details - What is the product to be made out of?
  • Project timing details – When are the first parts required?
  • Budget Information – What is the expected price bracket for the product itself? What is the budget for tooling and moulds?
Why does Quest require information on my Project Budget?
Because Quest Industries cover a wide range of materials, tooling options and manufacturing methods, we can offer custom solutions to suit your budget. Knowing in advance what that budget is, will enable us to get to the right solution for your needs quickly and effectively.
Can I still get a Quotation if I do not have all the necessary information on my product?
If any of the critical information is not available, Quest is happy to submit an “Estimate”, in writing, based on the available information at the time. This estimate is a "best guess" and is subject to review, once the full information becomes available. The terms of the estimate, or what it is based on, will be clearly stated in writing.
What will a Quotation or Estimate cost?
Quest does not charge for Quotations or Estimates.
How long will it take to get my product made?
Lead times vary greatly, depending on the product itself, as well as other factors such as current workload and availability of raw materials. As a general guide though, a basic project lead time would be in the order of 8-12 weeks, including tool manufacture and construction.
What options do I have for paying for tooling and development?
Our normal procedure is for a deposit to be paid on issue of an official order for tooling or development. Progress payments can be set up to spread the payment according to set stages of the tool manufacture. We also offer Amortisation for projects that are commercially viable with large and on-going production volumes. Agreements can be made on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to discuss these options with us.
I already own the tooling for my product. Will Quest manufacture my product in the future?
The short answer is yes. Quest will need to assess the tooling and manufacturing process to ensure compatibility with our equipment and plant.
Once my product is tooled up and samples have been approved, what is Quest’s manufacturing lead time?
We require 90 days forecast, and 60 days firm. However, if Quest has the stocked material, the lead time could be 1-2 weeks.
My business, or potential market, is outside of Palmerston North, or New Zealand. Does Quest offer shipping and freight services?
Yes. Quest has multiple International customers. We have a sound export, freight and logistics network that can ensure your product gets to its destination, whether locally, nationally or internationally.
Who will I be communicating with throughout the process?
We have a small team working at Quest who will all be familiar with your design and product, from the Managing Director, Manufacturing Manager, Product Development Manager and Office Manager.  We will be happy to help in any way we can.