Quest uses world-class manufacturing methods and technology to produce world-class results. For example, our large envelope, five-axis milling machine allows the machining of complex shapes in materials ranging from Polystyrene to advanced composite Pattern-Making and Model-Making materials. We also have 3 axis machining capabilities in a wide range of tool making materials, from Aluminium to Steel.

Our focus or objective is to be able to provide a complete In-House service. In line with this, we have the capacity for priming and painting of Polyurethane components. PU is notoriously difficult to paint. However our experience and track record show that we have the expertise and knowledge to successfully paint PU to exacting standards such as those demanded by the Automotive Industry.

 advantages of polyurethane moulding

Polyurethane comes in so many formulations and variations. All this choice can be confusing. Following on (in the drop-down boxes), are a few basic categories that we can share with you to help make your choice of material easier.