Rotational Moulding

Rotational Moulding is ideally suited to low and medium volume production runs for commercial and domestic applications. The advantages of Rotational Moulding are many but not limited to;

  • Lower cost of tooling and moulds in comparison to PU and injection tools and moulds.
  • Tough durable parts in a variety of colours and grades.
  • Seamless hollow parts such as water tanks and vessels.
  • Duck Shooting Boats

    These purposed designed Duck Shooting Boats are light & easy to handle with inbuilt wheels for easy transport and perfect to take on your next duck shooting adventure. For more info visit :

  • Iveco

    Made For IVECO Australia, these Steering Covers are an example of our winning formula to making plastic parts

    Right Process + Right Material + Right Tooling = Right Parts!

    These covers are produced to an exacting standard using the traditional rotational moulding process. What makes these parts unique is:

    • Process – Traditional rotational moulding in PE is not commonly used for such precise parts. Quest Industries has developed the know-how to produce extremely accurate and consistent parts using a relatively low-tech process such as PE Rotational moulding.
    • Tool Design – Much of the success falls to well designed and executed tooling.
    • CNC Trimming – These parts are clamped in specially designed and built jigs after moulding, allowing the complex part edge and holes to be CNC machined on our 3 Axis Router.
    • Material – The material used in these parts is at the forefront of current PE technology. Compliant to standard ECE R34/1, this material is sufficiently flame resistant to meet diesel fuel tank standards. It also has an extremely high Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT) required for this application.

  • Fuel Pump Spinnakers

    It is during the manufacturing stage that all the groundwork in Product Development and tool building pays off. A well-designed part, made out of a well-designed mould, is a pleasure to behold.  Because we focus so much of our efforts into these foundation areas, we are confident of supplying you with a consistent, high quality part batch-by-batch, order-by-order.

    As an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 approved manufacturer with over 5000m2 of production space, we offer flexible, small batch (typically 1-10,000 parts) production facilities, running mix mode manufacturing with quick turnaround times.

    We can supply as required from stock, to order, or even JIT (just in time) against forecast schedules. We have warehouse facilities to store raw materials, components and finished products according to your needs.

    Manufactured for Gallagher Fuel Systems, the curved moulding seen in the photo is produced in PU using the rotational moulding process.

    PU was chosen over traditional PE to provide the following benefits:

    • Painted Automotive class finish.
    • Fire Retardant Properties to ASNZ
    • Static Dissipative properties suitable for Fuel Station Forecourts
    • High Strength, low weight.
    • In-moulded steel fixing points for mounting to fuel pump cabinet and chassis
  • Rotational Moulding

    Rotational Moulding is a perfect option for outdoor applications. Rotationally moulded products are made from Polyethylene (PE) which is available in a wide variety of colors and grades.

    The versatility of PE parts is demonstrated by the parts in the picture. The white, green and black parts are mudguards for trucks, whilst the blue parts are designed and manufactured for an outdoor fitness machine.
    For more info visit: