Products for Sale

Quest Industries Ltd is primarily a manufacturing organisation, however, you see below that we do have some products for sale so please take a look and contact us if you wish to purchase or discuss the products.

 We have some machinery that is now surplus to our requirements for sale:


Krauss Maffe Mould Carrier type GFT 25 - Clamp pressure 2000 kN - Platten size 2500 x 1250mm - Opening 1200mm - Platten tilt 45/45 degrees. Price $


No. 2:

Cannon HE 180 High Pressure Piston Machine  -  Max Output 3lgs/sec at 1.1 ratio  -  Pistons 2 x 25 litres reach - Mixhead FPL24 can run RIM, RRIM & PCPD - Has Air-loader attached.  Was used for Bumper Production. Price $


We have a number of Ford Ranger and Everest Mirror Spaces available for sale. Price $

  • Duck Shooting Boats

    These purpose designed Duck Shooting Boats are light & easy to handle with inbuilt wheels for easy transport and perfect to take on your next duck shooting adventure. For more info. give us a call.


    Packaging Products Made to Order

    Quest Industries works closely with the leading carton and box manufacturers to ensure that your product is safely contained and protected. The combination of soft foam trays and a properly designed carton means that your product can be shipped anywhere in the world with complete confidence!

    These soft foam packaging trays are custom designed to suit individual products. Both products shown travel internationally to their various destinations.

    Our mould-making and manufacturing facilities can work hand in hand to produce these trays to suit your product and requirements.

    For your own custom-designed packaging please feel free to contact us.