Rigid PUR Foam

Rigid PUR Foam is another variation of the RIM process. Here the combined chemicals react by foaming or expanding inside the mould cavity. After expansion or foaming, the PU cures to form a rigid structure.  Material density can be manipulated, giving potentially endless properties suitable to a variety of applications.

  • Medmont Pty Ltd

    Medmont Pty Ltd

    Quest Industries is proud to be associated with Medmont Pty Ltd.

    This is an M700 Automated Perimetry Machine used for early detection of blind spots and for calculating a patient’s field of vision.

    The following components of this machine are produced by Quest Industries:

    • Main Body and Back Lid
    • Concave Bowl
    • Headrest
    • Chinrest

    The above products are manufactured from a Fire Retardant Rigid Foam. Due to the high level of precision required with these components, they are machined and drilled, post moulding, using a 5 axis CNC machine centre.


  • Bruker Daltronics

    Bruker Daltronics

    Quest Industries is proud to be associated with Bruker Daltronics.

    This is a Mass Spectometry System, for which Quest Industries manufactures the front panel, the 3 top covers, as well as the right hand side Cover Box.

    These products are manufactured from rigid foam.


  • Leica Biosystems

    Leica Biosystems

    Quest Industries is proud to be associated with Leica Biosystems.

    This is a Clinical Diagnostics Platform. The outer covers and doors seen in the photo are produced by Quest Industries from a high grade Fire Retardant Rigid Foam.


  • TAB


    Quest Industries manufactures enclosures and covers for the TAB.

    These products are manufactured from extremely tough and impact resistant PU rigid foam.

  • TRD


    Manufactured as original equipment for TRD, these Rear Spoilers are for the original, first model TRD S-Con Aurion.

    The assembly consists of a lower Lip Spoiler, and an upper Wing Spoiler.

    Both these parts are manufactured from PU Rigid Foam. They feature in moulded capture nuts for fixing to the vehicle boot lid.

  • Soft Drink Dispensers

    Soft Drink Dispensers

    Quest Industries produces components for Soft Drink Dispensers commonly seen in popular fast food outlets.

    The main body of the dispenser is moulded from rigid PU foam, which can be painted to a high class finish as shown in the photos. These covers have been painted at Quest Industries’ in-house paint facility.