AK STONE GUARDS - South Africa

AK Stone Guards has had the privilege of being associated with Quest Industries since 1998. AK Australia painted thousands of Polyurethane parts, which were designed, developed and moulded by Quest Industries.

The quality of workmanship has always been outstanding and there is no better way to test this than for the parts to be painted as the painting process highlights all the flaws in a part. Mr. Robert Cook is a gentleman amongst gentlemen, with a wealth of knowledge in the art of Polyurethane mouldings. He is the rare combination of technically brilliant coupled with honest and astute business acumen. Indeed those are the qualities that have made him and his enterprise so successful over the many years he has been in business.

Our company will continue doing business with Quest Industries for many years to come.

Dr Gary Immelman
CEO Med International
AK Stone Guards
11 Colenso Road
South Africa
Tel +27164213735
Email gary@meds.co.za

BELMONT  - Australia

Bellmont Nominees has had a rewarding and ongoing relationship with Quest Industries and their Managing Director, Robert Cook, for the past 30 years.

Together, our companies have worked innovatively to produce A-class quality automotive parts to OE manufacturers in Australia.  Quest Industries have supplied spoilers, bumper bars and aero kits for Bellmont to paint to OE standards. Due to the close working relationship, we have continued to supply these parts smoothly into production over many models to the great satisfaction of our customers.

We look forward to partnering Quest Industries in any development and supply of body kits in the future.

Al D'Alberto

POWA PRODCTS Int Ltd - Manawatu, New Zealand

We, at Powa Products Rugby Equipment, are delighted to have Quest Industries Ltd as a supplier to our Company. Quest manufacture a number of products for us, including specifically designed moulded pads for our scrum machines which are exported worldwide.

The design and quality for their products is second to none, and we have no hesitation in recommending Quest Industries as a supplier.

Chris Deighton
General Manager/Director 
Powa Products Int Ltd

Winners of the Micro Business Award, Westpac Manawatu Business Awards 2012
Note: Powa Products are not supplied directly by Quest Industries Ltd to any person/client.

BROKERWEB RISK SERVICES (Manawatu) Ltd - Palmerston North, New Zealand

An association spanning over thirty years has seen BrokerWeb Risk Services (Manawatu) Ltd (formerly known as Barstow Insurance Brokers Ltd), forge a relationship with Quest Industries Ltd in arranging and managing their insurance requirements.

A unique and specialised manufacturing and exporting business with its innovative and creative Managing Director, Robert Cook at the helm, it has provided many challenges for Brokerweb in formulating a comprehensive insurance programme.

Covers including material damage, business interruption, a range of liability covers, marine and motor vehicle are placed through insurers with strong credit ratings. The ability to pay claims is an essential ingredient in an insurance market that continues to change and will do so for some years to come.

Friendship through business has been a rewarding factor in BrokerWeb’s association with Quest Industries and we look forward to continue this in what is undoubtedly challenging times.

Phil Monk
Account Executive
BrokerWeb Risk Services (Manawatu) Ltd