Soft Foams

Soft (or Flexible) Foams are an alternative to Rigid Foam. As a class, soft foams can be formulated to achieve a variety of degrees of flexibility even after curing is complete. Amongst the many variations, Quest offers:

  • Integral Skin Foam forms a more resistant outer layer whilst retaining a high level of flexibility from a softer inner core. This “Skin” provides increased wear resistance to the surface of the part.
  • Multi-Layer mouldings comprised of a Soft Foam outer, encapsulating a stiffer inner framework that can be constructed from a variety materials. These Multi-Layer mouldings can be designed to incorporate excellent fixing or attachment points that would otherwise present a challenge with soft foam parts.
  • Visco-Elastic Foam, or commonly called Memory Foam. Memory Foam is pressure sensitive and quickly moulds to the shape of anything pressed against it. Once the pressure is removed, the foam returns to its original shape. Many memory foams also have heat retaining properties which make them ideal for use in contact with the human body.
  • In-mould Coating goes hand in hand with Soft Foam. When applied correctly, In-mould coating bonds to the skin of the underlying foam, and in most cases enhances not only the appearance of the foam part, but can also increase its durability, resistance to UV light. In-Mould Coating can also be used with Rigid Foam as well as with many other PU materials and processes.
  •        Shower-Commode Chair Seat Cushion

    These Shower - Commode Chair Seat Cushions are a very good example of the superior finish in density and softness that we have achieved with Integral Skin Foam and In-Mould Coating application.

    The Shower - Commode cushions offer the following features and benefits:

    • A perfect blend of density and softness provides superior comfort.
    • In-mould coated finish provides durability and promotes good hygiene.
    • Fully encapsulated inner frame for excellent strength and durability.

    The Seats can be supplied in various colours and can be either open front or closed front moulded design.  

    The seat cushion is produced to Australia/New Zealand Standard 3973:2009.

    Packaging Products Made to Order

    Quest Industries works closely with the leading carton and box manufacturers to ensure that your product is safely contained and protected. The combination of soft foam trays and a properly designed carton means that your product can be shipped anywhere in the world with complete confidence!

    These soft foam packaging trays are custom designed to suit individual products. Both products shown travel internationally to their various destinations.

    Our mould-making and manufacturing facilities can work hand in hand to produce these trays to suit your product and requirements. 

    For your own custom-designed packaging please feel free to contact us.

  • Spa Cushion or Spa Pillow

    Spa Cushion or Spa Pillow

    This Spa Cushion or Spa Pillow (for Spa Pools) is an excellent example of the high quality and finish that is achievable with soft foam and In-Mould Coating Systems.

    A wide range of colours and metallic finishes are possible.

  • POWA Products

    POWA Products

    These Pads are made from Soft foam with an internal steel frame and back plate. The steel frame is first inserted into the mould and then the foam is introduced. The result is a very tough and durable pad with a fully encapsulated steel support structure.

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    Note: POWA Products are not supplied directly by Quest Industries Limited to any person/client.
  • POWA Rugby Training Tackle Bag

    POWA Products

    This product is manufactured for POWA Products, and is a Rugby Training Tackle Bag.

    Made from PU Foam, it is tough, durable and ideally suited to repeated impact.

    Quest Industries offers an alternative to wire cut foam products – fully moulded foam products capable of complex shapes and designs not achievable with conventional wire cutting and similar shaping methods.

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    Note: POWA Products are not supplied directly by Quest Industries Limited to any person/client.
  • Steering wheels

    Steering wheels

    Steering wheels were among the very first products made by Quest Industries more than 30 years ago.

    This was an innovative product in its day, combining a steel frame with PU soft foam.