Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM)

RIM is the process of producing polyurethane (PUR) moulded parts through the combination of two separate raw materials in liquid form.  This process is particularly suited to parts ranging from 20g to 10kg in weight.

Reinforced Reaction Injection Moulding (R-RIM)

R-RIM is very similar to the RIM process, with the exception of a fine fibre that is added to the raw material to act as a reinforcing agent.  This fibre additive enhances the physical properties of the finished product.  By varying the proportion of fibre added, varying levels of strength, flexibility and impact resistance can be achieved.

  • HSV R8 VE Maloo


    Manufactured as Original Equipment for HSV, this is the HSV R8 VE Maloo. Quest Industries produces the Rear Bumper, RH and LH Side Skirts, as well as the entire Sailplane assembly seen in the photo.


  • TRD Hilux

    TRD Hilux

    Manufactured as Original Equipment for TRD, this front bumper is for the TRD Hilux.

    Quest Industries supplied a fully assembled fascia, with all mounting brackets and grill assemblies. The fascia or bumper is manufactured using the R-RIM process.

  • HSV Avalanche Ute

    Manufactured as Original Equipment for HSV, this front bumper is for the HSV Avalanche Ute.

    As seen in this zoomed in shot, the complex styling of the fog-lamp area presented unique challenges and difficulties during the tool-making process.

    Quest rose to the challenge and the results speak for themselves!